Board Game, Card Game and RPG Review Policy

Submitting Your Games for Review

Manufacturers who are interested in submitting their games should send TWO COPIES of each game submitted to the following address:

David Lowry

1044 Needham Dr.

Smyrna, TN 3716

Fees for our considering unsolicited games vary, depending on the size of the company and the number of games to be considered for the Geek Eccentric award.

Small companies (3 games or fewer) $100 – 200

Medium companies (4-9 games) $250 – $750

Larger companies (more than 10 games) $750 – $1,500

Games that are requested by David Lowry are reviewed without charge.

Please submit 2 copies of each game. I will have this game play tested with our local board game groups to play with as many different styles of play as possible. One Copy will be kept in brand new condition for video or pictures; one will be used in play test scenarios.

Web posting:

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Youtube –(if video review)

Club Fantasci

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David Lowry is available to act as a personal spokesperson for any award-winning game.