Learning the ins and outs of an every changing music business is always a challenge. It takes a huge amount of time to do all the study and research to keep up with the changing technologies, learn the basics of running a business or evaluating your performance. With Indie Artist Intensives we can help you with crash course intensives that will catapult you way ahead of the game to get you career on the right track to success.

Book your own intensive or attend a 1 or 2 day intensive at a venue near you and learn from over 20 years of experience in the music business. Intensives can be customized to the need of each client.

Seminar topics include –

Management  – “Artist Development – What Is It Really?” In this seminar we will talk about what             development really means in today’s music scene. For those still looking for a label deal, we will talk about how to set your self up to be attractive to record labels. What management is looking for in an artist, what an artists should look for in a manager. For DIY’s we will talk about how to run a business with your vision in mind to help you achieve your goals. We will cover topics like songwriting, branding, inventory, image, business plans, budgeting, touring, band contracts, team development and goal setting.

Booking  – “Booking a Tour, How it’s Done” In this seminar we will discuss how to not only book your tour, but prepare for one, what’s expected of the band, how to handle situations, how to work with promoters, talent buyers and manager. Topics will include EPK’s, tour routing, tour management, promotion, contracts, riders and day sheets.

Radio Promotion  – “Is Radio Still Relevant?” In this seminar we will discuss the importance of radio             in your music career. How to choose a radio promoter, selecting your genre, your single, how to build a radio campaign, budgeting, how to follow-up and doing radio tours.

Videos  – “Why Do I Need A Music Video?” In this seminar we will cover why a video is important to your career, how to pick the videographer, how to plan the video, budgeting the video, how to market it to TV.

Live Performance  – “Live Performance Intensive” – In this seminar, we will discuss stage presence stage and light plotting, building the right set list, how to work the audience, learning how to sell the show from the stage and imaging your show.  Seminar is talk only with a volunteer artist/band or two for demonstration. Half-day or full-day intensive. Requires full stage backline and soundman.

PR“The Difference Between PR and Branding” In this seminar we will discuss how to be your own PR agent. How to build lists, write press releases, building campaigns, develop relationships with columnists and magazines and media training.

Marketing  – “Positioning Your Band” In this seminar will discuss what branding actually is,             promoting your band through the main media sources i.e., Print, Radio, Social Media, Video and Handouts. Building fan interactive social media campaigns and attracting new fans.

Music Placement/Supervision  – “What is Music Placement and Why Should I be Doing It?” In this seminar we will talk about how you add music placement and supervision as part of your music empire. Learning how to find a song plugger for other artists and what they do, movie/TV placement and how to score music for music and TV.

Publishing  – “Music Publishing 101” In this seminar we will cover topics such as why it’s important to have publishing, how to find a publisher or become your own Publishing company, the difference between ASCAP, BMI and SESAC and how to not sign your life away to the wrong publisher.


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