“Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with David on a few projects. What I have found is this, David tends not to sugar-coat what he feels needs to be done. David tells you straight up, blunt and to the point of what it will take to get what you need done. I think its great that he does, because that means there is no wasted time or money. By setting up a game plan, he clearly showcases that as a team working together, if done as the way planned out, it tends to be ready on time and under-budget if all possible. David has got to be one of the hardest working agents I know of. I recommend David for all your marketing needs.”

Kim Snyder
Overall Beauty Minerals

“Any mentors in the field that stand out above the rest?

Definitely David Lowry of the Lowry Agency. He took the time to talk to me about management, when I was so new to the business. He gave me some real insight. It was tough advice — and maybe not what I wanted to hear at the time — but because I took the time to listen, and not just shut out his free advice, I am in the position that I’m in today. I owe David a debt of gratitude for just being a decent guy, and helping someone he really didn’t know from a can of paint. We’re pretty good friends, now.” _ Michael Stover, MTS Management


“The Lowry Agency is putting in the sweat and tears and making lots of good things happen. There would be no new Brother Cane dates without their focus and belief. Thank you David and staff.” – Damon Johnson, Brother Cane


“I’ve worked with some of the most legendary people in the entertainment business. Including members from Prince’s camp in Minneapolis MN, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dallas Austin, Andre Simon & The Family, to being managed by Dick Scott of NKOTB, Marky Mark, Tiffany, New Edition. My photography business caters to stars from Nashville, NYC to Los Angeles, as well as all the major record & management companies and publicity firms. All this being said, I’ve never met anyone I’d call a “dream” manager until now. David Lowry is hands down the most professional, proficient, knowledgeable and ass bustin entity I know. I’m so privileged and proud to finally work with someone who can keep up with me.” – Goldy Locks


“The Lowry Agency is a must for music artists. For individuals, bands, voice over talent, and yes, actors. The Lowry Agency is the management company that supports their clients 110%. One thing we learned is Lowry is an agency that keeps up with the current trends, uses those trends to catapult their clients into the forefront. Need help with the business side of entertainment, not sure what to do and how? Three words – THE LOWRY AGENCY! Many people in the entertainment business don’t understand some of the simple tools to reach the public effectively, such as social media for example. The Lowry Agency is the ONLY management company we’ve seen that uses the all the tools to build tremendous exposure for their clients. We have worked side by side with Lowry, they are truly a first class company and will treat you better than family.” – Ward W. Bond, Creator of Rusty Cooley’s Guitar Asylum TV


‎”I’ve heard many stories of underhanded, too big for their britches managers in my time. In over 2 years of being a part of The Lowry Agency we have never felt like we couldn’t trust you. And believe me I know how hard it is to work with us sometimes. I have a BS degree in recording industry/mass communications from MTSU and i have been a working musician for over 12 years so i know a few things. We are happy with the work we do with The Lowry Agency.” – Scott Haynes, Mindset Defect


“When it comes to learning the in and outs of the music industry David Lowryis one of the few people I really pay attention too.” – Brian Basher Host of Hard Rock Nights


‎”Unsigned bands, undiscovered bands, bands looking to make a bigger splash or even fellow journalists NEED to be following the advice of bloggers like David Lowry and The Lowry Agency. David offers straightforward insight and FAR more advice than many experts regarding how to further your career using some of the same methods he’s used to help Sass Jordan and Brother Cane. Seriously, I cannot overemphasize this to any of you. John Parks – LegendaryRockInterviews.com


“I first hired David in September, 2009 to assist me in building my professional speaking career. Because of his breadth of experience, not only as a manager/talent agent, but as a business adviser, David has guided the growth of my career far beyond my expectations. David is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I recommend him without reservation.”  – Jamie Inman, speaker


“David is well respected as professional with an outstanding record of success. He works with his clients to gain maximum exposure and brand awareness for individuals, projects and events.  Enthusiastic and creative. I’ve enjoyed working with him over the months. On top of the game!” – Shar’n Clark, President of Shake ‘Em Up Music


A young successful businessman once told me that a business can only be as big as the heart, passion, and dedication of its owner. The Lowry Agency is a perfect example of this principle. David Lowry’s sincere belief in the power of hard work, passion and dedication, not only inspires his talented clients to exceed their goals but inspires others who listen to him, including myself. What more can an artist ask for, than to work with an agency as professional, inspiring, and full of passion, as the Lowry Agency. You can truly feel like a champion when you have this kind of team behind you! – L. Kimberley Smith, Twist Radio


“There is advice & work ethic that bands, musicians, & artists want to hear and then there is the advice that they need to hear! That’s what you get from The Lowry Agency. They will make sure you know every step of the way…Whether you have what it takes or not! There is no fluff with David Lowry…… David has many years of experience in all facets of the biz from touring to managing. That’s exactly why I like working with him! In a world where perception is everything….The Lowry Agency says work ethic is everything!”- Big Poppa, radio host 91.1 WRVU Nashville


“I really loved being a guest on David’s show Live from Music City. He puts together a great mix with a musician and someone from the business-side of music. He brings up great questions that all listeners can identify with and actually act upon the answers. I am always amazed at the level of the guests he gets on his show.” – Michael Brandvold, Michael Brandvold Marketing


“David Lowry has made a world of difference in my music journey by helping to direct my path in the intense and intimidating business side of the music industry. He is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and provides such a support system! Thank you, David!” – Christy Craig, Independent musician/studio musician


“David Lowry is an enterprise thinker, a creative man of action, and one who connects like-minded people. Think what he could do for you!” – Dave Courvoisier, Professional Voice Talent


“Diligent, committed, exceptional service……Lowry Agency and Mr D are GOOD for artists !” – Sian Lindemann


“David is very knowledgeable and has excellent insight – I highly recommend him.” – Philip Foster, Maximum Change, Inc. Coaching and Consulting


“The ultimate rockstar : ) and the best friend and talent agent you could ever have.” – Dawn Lambros, The Dream Builders Company