Live Performance Intensives

You know what they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” With today’s technology, anyone can sound like a pro on CD but not everyone can deliver professionally live. Having a stellar live performance is the most critical part of a successful music career. Artists make most of their income from live performance and merchandise sales these days. Learn what it takes to deliver an experience that will not only get your audience raving about you, but also increase your merchandise sales because people will want to remember the experience you provided them.  Live Performance Intensives are one or two day exhaustive events that will focus directly on your live show production on everything including stage presence, set building, lighting plots, stage plots and working with the crowd. Never before has it been so important to put on the experience of a lifetime for your audience. Let us teach you how!

Our 1-day intensive we call  “The Launch” package. It’s an all out boot camp fortified with live performance techniques, set building tips and audience capture lessons. A radical change in your performance can be the key to taking you from making a $150 a gig to $1,000 or more. We will be working one or two audience members or bands to help demonstrate the techniques offered in this course. Launch your career with our 1-day intensive to take you from local musician to nationwide touring artist!

Price:  $225 per person

$520 per band


Our 2-day intensive is “The Phoenix” package. Two days of over the top training in live performance techniques that will reshape the way you think a show should be. We will teach you everything you need to know to separate you from the rest of the pack for good.

Apply our techniques and you will change your income, the amount of booking dates and fan response

Price: $300 per person

$900 per band

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