Frank DeVille

Frank DeVille
Frank DeVille

The Man

Frank grew up in northern V.A. just outside of D.C., where he spent most of his time skateboarding, playing video games and listening to heavy metal! In the middle of his junior year of high school he discovered magic and immediately took it to the streets, where he earned enough to pay for his B.F.A. in theatre from George Mason University. Now he’s touring the country, dropping jaws and splitting sides with his unique blend of comedy and magic! When he’s not performing he’s still skateboarding, playing video games, and listening to heavy metal!

The Main Show

Frank Deville has four separate shows, insuring that if your looking for something amazing, he can bring it! He has a riotous, pg-13, comedy magic show that’s earned him the title “Your girlfriend’s favorite magician”! He has a more traditional, G rated, show. He has an incredible street show that’s perfect for fairs and other out door events, and he’s available for strolling, close-up, magic events! He can amaze and entertain in any conditions!

The New Show

Frank’s first show is “Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Magician”. It’ the one of a kind, risque, pg-13 one man show he’s been traveling with for the last five years, and the one everyone knows and loves! An hour of hilarious double entendre, live music, and incredible displays of his sleight of hand skills! It’s a show that will leave your campus talking for months! But don’t worry Frank does a great job of being edgy without being offensive. There’s no cursing in his shows and nothing you couldn’t see on prim-time, network television! Includes “Dangerballs!”,”The Italian Six Pack”, and “His Girlfriend’s Favorite Card Trick”!

The Street Show

Over the last year Frank has been developing new material for a second, tamer, show that doesn’t rely on sexual references, and really amps up the audience participation! He’s come up with a show that’s just as unique, and amazing, but safer for more conservative audiences. It includes his signature straight jacket escape, an unbelievable display of mind reading, and an opening trick with his tattoo that has to be seen to be believed!

Close Up

Frank is also available for events requiring close up entertainment. He has some serious chops when it comes to close up slight of hand! His teacher was a reformed gambler who really made a living cheating with cards. While Frank would never use his skills for evil he knows some amazing things with a deck of cards! Perfect for casino nights or any affair where a strolling magician would add a little spice! This is also the kind of stuff he does as a teaser before every show to help create a buzz!