The Lowry Agency Mentorship Program

The Lowry Agency in partnership with Rocketown and McGavock High School launch a new mentorship program

ANTIOCH, Tenn.Jan. 30, 2018PRLog — The Lowry Agency in association with Rocketown and McGavock High School and their Academies Program have announced the launch of The Lowry Agency Mentorship Program that mentors youth in video production, graphic design, audio engineering and voice over as well as other aspects of marketing.

The Lowry Agency Mentorship Program was put together to help teach disenfranchised youth a set of career skills that will get them a job or allow them to start their own business with a professional body of work when they finish high school. It is the goal of this program to give every kid a shot at a happy, fulfilling career at a good standard of living. Going through this program will help these youth to start their own business, be able to find a job easier and also take steps to achieve their dreams as soon as their feet hit the ground. The Lowry Agency will use projects from all of their other media properties to give these kids plenty of opportunities to improve their skills, be creative and shine for all the world to see, including FLGS-TV, Club Fantasci and Live From Music City Radio. The Lowry Agency will donate 50% of the fee charged for each project that these youth work on to Rocketown ( The Lowry Agency believes we must reinvest in our youth for them to have a brighter future and it is our responsibility to leave a legacy for others to follow.

David Lowry approached Rocketown about this program after donating over 200 games to them in Dec of 2016 for the Club Fantasci Christmas Game Program. Rocketown brought their existing relationship with McGavock High into the fold and after a year of planning, this program is ready to launch. The youth that participate in this program will be able to participate in the making of commercials for Lowry’s other company FLGS-TV. An online streaming platform for the board game industry. They will also be shooting live interviews, live stream events, music videos, EPK’s and designing and marketing brand new videos series targeted for both the board game and music industries. The students will get school credit for their completed projects. The goal is to get as many different departments involved as possible allowing for them to use budding actors, graphic designers, marketing skills, producing and developing brand new content of their own they will be used to reach their demographic.

“The Lowry Agency has always worked by the ethic that we don’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit others in the process. We believe in doing, not talking and that is where The Lowry Agency Mentorship Program comes from. We are not only excited, but honored and privileged to be able to work with both of these wonderful entities, Rocketown and McGavock High School, to help teach and train the future of our industries. We have always sought to help those who aren’t starting on a level playing field. No matter where you are in life, it is always tough to be able to provide. We are trying to help give these kids get the skills to make that future easier.” – David Lowry, President at The Lowry Agency.

David Lowry is a former touring musician and has been in the music business for over 20 years, doing management, PR, marketing and promotions with former Billboard Top 10 artists such as Brother Cane, Damon Johnson and the Juno award–winning Sass Jordan. David has also done PR and marketing in the board game industry with various publishers for over 5 years now. Playing board games since he was a child, David understands both sides of the mediums inside and out.

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Founded in 1994 by Contemporary Christian Music Artist Michael W. Smith, Rocketown is a faith based youth outreach facility in the heart of Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Our approach to working with youth is holistic, with programs and services nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. We engage youth through attraction-based facilities and programs, like our Sixth Avenue Skatepark, live music and concert venues, Coffee & Snack Bar, and afterschool academic enrichment and creative arts programs. Once youth are engaged and have become part of the Rocketown community, staff introduce them to more Ministry-centered programs like our weekly Skate Church and Family Dinner gatherings.


McGavock was the first truly comprehensive high school built in Nashville. Our students have access to a wide, promising variety of challenging classes, Academy pathways and a superior arts program. Our faculty collaborates to adjust instruction for different learning styles so that classes can be made personal for each learner.


The Lowry Agency is full service-artist management/development, public relations, and promotions agency. We work with musicians, actors, speakers, voice over artists, entertainment companies, music coordination/supervision for film and TV, board game industry, and event promotions.