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LnL Publishing


We want to design and publish the best playing, best looking and the most enjoyable games possible.

To give you our best board, computer and iOS games in the world. We love designing, developing and most of all playing games. We thank God for blessing us so we can follow our passions and we thank our family, friends and you for your support.

Company Overview
From that humble, three-game beginning, Lock ‘n Load Publishing has grown to a game company offering over fifty products including the Nations at War, World at War, Lock ‘n Load, Corps Command, Tank on Tank series, and our company magazine, Line of Fire. In addition to historical, conflict-centered games, Lock ‘n Load Publishing has also branched out into science fiction and horror, with All Things Zombie, Space Infantry, and Nuklear Winter ’68 all popular with historical and fantasy gamers alike. Starting 2014 We will be adding our own Windows, Mac and iOS games to our product line.

In 2003 Shrapnel Games published the first of Mark Walker’s Lock ‘n Load games. Titled Forgotten Heroes, the game became an instant hit, selling out within the first year of publication. Mark quickly followed the module with the ANZAC Attack expansion, which also rapidly sold out.

Following the release of the original games, Mark released his next title, Band of Heroes, with the help of David Heath and Erik Rutins through Matrix Games. The game subsequently won historical game of the year at the 2005 Origins Awards. In 2006 Matrix and Mark parted ways, and Mark founded Lock ‘n Load Publishing. The company’s original titles, Lock ‘n Load: Swift and Bold, World at War: Eisenbach Gap, and Lock ‘n Load: Day of Heroes, released within the year, and have subsequently sold through two printings.

General Information
Lock ‘n Load Publishing is a board game publisher located in Colorado. Our board games focus on strategy and interaction. We want people to get together, break out a game, and have fun.