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Digital Nations artist Mike Martin is best known as guitarist for Agent Cooper (Binary/Universal) and for his time touring and recording six and seven string guitar with the bands Stuck Mojo and Fozzy. Most notably composing, arranging, choral conduction, engineering, producing and performing all of the guitars for the 14 minute progressive epic “Wormwood” from Chris Jericho’s (of WWE fame) lyrics about the book of Revelations for Fozzy’s album “Chasing the Grail” (RIOT! 2010).

Born to a military father and a mom who is a contralto classical singer and choral conductor, Mike started studying violin at age four and by age 11 picked up the electric guitar. He then studied classical and jazz guitar at the Concord Community Music School (NH) in Jr. High and was gigging professionally at the age of 14. Later, he would study rock and fusion with GIT graduate Tom Yoder of Myrtle Beach, SC before graduating high school and moving to Atlanta, GA in 1992. Frustrated by the grunge movement in rock, Mike went on to study music theory and composition at the College of Charleston, SC graduating in 1999.

Since college, Mike has done everything from working in the Atlanta Blues scene as a mercenary sideman for hire gaining him the honor of being included in a historic photo of GA blues musicians in 2000 now on display in The Georgia Music Hall of Fame (Macon, GA) to touring with label rock, metal and progressive bands nationally and internationally as well as appearing on 12 album releases to date.

As a solo artist, Mike performs with the best musicians in the Southeastern USA including Todd Smallie and Yonrico Scott of the Grammy Award winning Derek Trucks Band, Sean Delson Ganesh Giri & Eric Frampton of Agent Cooper, Quentin Baxter & Kevin Hamilton from Rene Marie’s band as well as keyboardist David Manion (Seventh Key, Level 5). His first album, “2 of 5” is an instrumental work comprised of personal subject matter focused on compositions serving up the guitar in a grand progressive rock-fusion fashion heavily focused on melody and arrangement.

Mike is currently in the studio working on his follow up release to “2 of 5” as well as touring and recording with Agent Cooper.