A Shining Example

A Shining Example

By David Lowry

Every once in a while someone pops up on the radar screen who shows the rest of the people in the scene around them how it should be done. It is this person who seems to “get it.” They may not do everything right, but they try and they try much harder than everyone else. Some scenes have a few such people, others have many but in the rock/metal scene in Nashville there are only a couple. Surprisingly, one of these such persons is also a musician and not just another person like me — a manager, booking agent or promoter.

Ray LeGrand popped up on my radar screen a few months ago and I have been watching him very carefully: wondering if he is for real, will he get burnt our or jaded like everyone else. Will he make excuses or will he prove that the only thing holding him back is, of course, himself. I am happy to say that, from what he has proven so far, Ray is the real deal.

Ray is the front man for “Oblivion Myth” (www.oblivionmyth.com), a local Nashville metal band that just won a contest (by a landslide) to be on “Live From Music City.” As a matter of fact, it was Ray and his incredible wife Patti that woke up the rest of the Nashville rock/metal scene to the contest. Ray and his wife got so many votes I was thoroughly and entirely impressed, especially with all the other long established bands in the running.

Ray and his wife Patti started up a movement in Nashville called “Nashville Metal Bands”  (http://www.facebook.com/NashvilleMetalBands?sk=info). Ray unselfishly promotes all metal bands in Nashville, not just his own. He works tirelessly with the help of Patti to make a difference — a major difference — in the local rock/metal scene. Ray works full time, is a husband, father, front man and runs “Nashville Metal Bands.” He does more in a day for the music scene here locally than just about any other band does for themselves in months. Ray proves there is no excuse why you can’t get things done or because you don’t have enough time. Ray possesses a fire not only for his band, but the local scene and has a dream and a goal that he won’t give up till he gets there.

Ray and Patti are constantly learning and most importantly applying what they have learned immediately. It is so much fun to watch and, in some small way, hope that “Live From Music City” or even our meeting together may have had a small part in this. Ray and Patti provide an excitement that this local scene so severely needs. If more people would learn from Ray, we would have a much different scene, a much more productive scene and the local artists would be much farther along in their dreams.

I have had the privilege of meeting both Ray and Patti and can tell you it is an honor to call them friends. I know Ray couldn’t do what he does without a strong supportive wife like Patti behind him. It is truly a team effort. When you see them, please stop and say thank you for what they are doing, especially if they are promoting your band or music. Most importantly, stop and look at what they are doing and learn from it. I know I do.

9 thoughts on “A Shining Example

    1. Ray,

      It was my honor. It is so refreshing to some one step up to the plate especially for other people when they nothing to gain. The scene appreciates you whether they say it or not.


  1. Thank you for speaking so highly of Ray & I. What an honor!

    I first heard about you through seeing you on Kris Bell’s FB. I check out the Lowry Agency & your FB page and told Ray about you. We try & tune in to “Live From Music City” every Tuesday night. If we miss it, we listen later. We are learning so much from you & your show!

    Thank you for everything that you do!


    1. Thank you Patti. I am glad to be of help in any way I can be. I am proud of what you and Ray are doing and excited to see the hard work pay off you for you both and the scene.


  2. Ray & Patti are just amazing people to know. I have spent some time getting to know them online and off and just enjoy them personally. Nashville Metal Bands is something they work very hard on to bring that awareness to the Nashville Metal and Rock scene. Thanks David for this article on these great people. I’m happy Kris Bell introduced me to them both.

  3. Ray and Patti ARE the real deal and it’s a joy to know them both. Big Love to Both of You! And…thanks for the great article David…

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