Goldy Locks

Goldy LockS – “It’s Sure a Great Day for a Wedding”

It’s been surmised that the success of the long-running TV series “Sex and The City” was due to the fact that each of the very distinct characters represented a fac-et of every woman; the searching and inquisitive Carrie, the highly sensual Saman-tha, the sensible and objective Miranda, and the sweet girl-next-door Charlotte. Together, they are everywoman.

Former pro wrestling personality and touring musician, Goldy Locks, is Ameri-ca‟s real everywoman … and her multi-faceted life is prime fodder for endless non-fictional entertainment. Men want her. Women want to BE her … and mothers want to take care and guide her!

She appeared on the CMT television series, “Running Wild with Ted Nugent” and she just returned from an Armed Forces Entertainment tour in Afghanistan where she and her band entertained US troops serving in harms‟ way. She spent 6 years as a pro wrestling manager and interviewer with Spike TV‟s Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. She has opened shows for some of the biggest names in rock including Saliva, Sevendust, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Collective Soul, Stevie Nicks, Pink, Pat Benetar, Maroon 5, Ted Nugent and Grand Funk Railroad.

Goldy lockS has appeared on the following albums: “V” is For Viagra, The Remixes, TNA’s Theme Songs, Top Cow Comics The Proximity Effect and Steve O’s Jack Ass compilation, selling over a total of 430,000 copies. She‟s done a hilarious „webisode‟ series including the tongue-in-cheek “Cooking in a Corset” which is as tasty to the eye as the actual recipes are to the palate!

She can be harsh and direct or soft and sweet and her soul is reflected in the songs she writes and performs. Her original “Today I Won‟t Be Afraid” has been used to raise thou-sands of dollars for the YWCA, Sole4Souls and breast cancer prevention. It is also the basis for her schools program in which she gives motivational talks to teens and tweens, urging them to pursue their dreams without fear … and without falling prey to drugs, alco-hol or reckless sex. She looks like a sexy, hard-rockin‟ chick, but Goldy has principles and she stands on them firmly.

Follow Goldy as she navigates the constantly turbulent waters of fronting the touring band that bears her name and plays “boss” to a cast of rock musicians while also managing her successful celebrity photography studio and overseeing her growing accessories line. Laugh out loud as she pursues love through both traditional and online avenues … wait „til you hear her commentary on the photos she receives from men all over the country! She‟s also a relentless “punisher” when it comes to injustice and a mere trip to the local Wal-Mart can result in Goldy‟s public chastising of someone providing poor or disrespectful service, or a parent cruelly disciplining a child.

She lives life out loud, lays it on the line; does it without apology … and in 5 languages! She‟s driven, professional, a neat-freak and an occasional mess, a hard-bodied fitness fanatic and tender heart looking for love but willing to stand on her own. She‟s in search of mad love and wild success and is unwilling to settle.

She‟s Goldy Locks … she‟s everywoman.

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