Maragold Has Something Most Bands Don’t.


Earlier I was looking at my numbers for this blog and was completely amazed at how well it was doing the last couple days based on one CD review for the band Maragold. Yesterday when I released it it was already doing double it’s average daily but then around 11:00pm CST the band posted it on Facebook and holy crap did it explode. It his had more views by 10 times the amount of any other CD review or musician spotlight I have written. Here is the key, each one posted it pretty much on their personal and band page on Facebook. Most bands don’t do this. They maybe post it once on their band page and not on their personal pages and they interacted with their fans about it. When I released it in the morning two of the band members and the band twitter account RT’d it once and that was it. For further reference on this please read my blog “Creating The “Buzz,” It’s Your Responsibility.”

What does this mean? It means that Maragold has found a way to reach it’s audience like no other band I have reviewed for or spotlighted. It means “true” fans not Facebook likes are extremely excited about them. It means they have actually offered up something the public wants. They did this in spite of having never released a CD and the only member of the band with a real name is was co-founder Greg Howe who is a well known guitar instrumentalist. Well known being relative in the world of music. Yes most guitar players know who he is, but the world doesn’t. Please note that Maragold didn’t ask me for a review. I just did it because when I listened to the CD it was so good I really had no choice.

Everyday on Facebook I see bands complaining about how hard it is or how the industry keeps people down etc… That is complete bunk. Is it hard yes but most bands don’t work hard enough, give the public something they want to buy or shoot themselves in the foot with poor promotion and bad social media skills. Is it anyone else’s fault you can’t make it? No. For whatever reason, Maragold has touched an audience with no prior CD, no real history of gigging, nothing but the past success of guitar player Greg Howe and each other individuals past endeavors. They made it happen without anything other than hard work, determination, incredible talent and most importantly at this stage knowing how to build up a release. Now because of this, hopefully with continued hard work, the songs which are amazing,  will be the deciding factor in their long term success.

This audience interaction is what every band should be striving for, for without it, you have nothing.

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  1. Social Media Marketing is only effective if you make it a joint effort as a band. Often band pages are not managed by bands but companies hired.
    As an artist you need to connect with your fans and sell them your story, your blood.
    Nowadays you can sell anything the way you want it by connecting on the “social” level and by being consistent in the way you communicate.

    You don’t need recording companies anymore, you can record, release everything yourself by just using the social connection you have with your fans. Fans are sick of the non personal approach, the ivory tower behaviour. Be yourself, connect and level with your fans on the same level and you get reliable truthful fans in return that will happily support the artist(s) they love.

    • Been trying to get bands to see that for years. Unfortunately there to many band members who hold to the “social media isn’t my thing” excuse.

      • Well, nowadays you have winners and losers. All are free to make a choice what side they belong to.
        Same with Youtube; some love it some hate it. But didn’t Phil X get the job in Bon Jovi because Jon found him on Youtube? Didn’t Donna Grantis get the spot in Prince’s band because he saw her on Youtube?

        How comes many bands that really connect with their fans have been touring the country for quite some time and others not?

        I was pleasantly surprise all band members from Gemini Syndrome recognized me at the NAMM and came to say hi, just because we are connected on Facebook and exchanged some messages. Apparently spending some moments every day reading messages, replying works both ways. Bands/artists spot their followers on the street, fans will go to see their gigs and have a beer together and BUY their merchandise.

  2. I love Maragold, love love love the Evergreen is Golden video!


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